Have you heard of the Salvation Army? What is his mission and experience in helping the weakest in society?

The Salvation Army is one of the largest armies in the world. However, it mainly fights against poverty and inequality in society. It is an international movement with over a century of tradition of helping the weakest and most endangered population groups in different corners of the world. It also operates in Slovakia.

In the presentation “Every person should get a real opportunity”, which was presented by Wouter Johannes Van Gooswilligen and Bo Christoffer Brekke from the Norwegian Salvation Army (Frelsesarmeen), you will not only get knowledge about the work of this international organization, but also inspiration for successful social inclusion, especially with the marginalized groups in our company.

The Salvation Army of Norway is one of the partners of the project “Snina – a city of equal opportunities for all” financed by Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget. Through his activity, he mainly participates in the creation of the Strategy and action plan of social inclusion in the district of Snina.