Strategy and Action plan of the inclusion in Snina district

The document Strategy and Action Plan for the Snina District also includes the concept of youth work development in the town of Snina for the period 2021 – 2025. Within the project, all partners, cooperating organizations and other stakeholders will be part of the comment process public, with a view to approval in local councils.

The project partners will be responsible for overseeing the inclusion processes proposed within the adopted concept, networking of institutions, process mapping, elimination of duplicate activities performed by different institutions, identification of penetrations and opportunities for improved cooperation across all sectors in the given issue.

At the same time, the Strategy and Action Plan for Inclusion in the Snina District will be consulted with the Prešov Self – Governing Region within the framework of active effective public administration with the aim of planning further improvement of the public administration reform in the Smart region Snina 2030.

This project activity will be implemented by a team represented by internal and external experts, including experts from Norway. The entities involved in the implementation of the activity are the City of Snina, all project partners and participating organizations.