Equipment for multifuncional centers network in Snina district

In order to successfully fulfill the set goals of the project, in addition to the spatial provision of activities, it is also necessary to equip and network the network of multifunctional centers in the Snina district with sports equipment and tools, basic conference equipment, ICT and furniture.

In addition to the facilities and equipment for sports and leisure activities at the Open Sport Center in Snina, this project activity also concerns the Open Talent Center within the facilities and equipment of the environmental class and talent class, as well as the indoor and outdoor Enviro and Ecocentre at the Kotva Community Center in village Ulič.

The environmental class at the Open Talent Center – the participation of children and young people in identifying and finding solutions to environmental problems during the educational process is a prerequisite for the formation of positive attitudes to the protection of nature and the environment. Environmental education supports and motivates the awareness of children and young people about activities aimed at improving the environmental conditions for their quality of life, as well as the life of their community, as well as raising awareness of local environmental issues.

A class full of talents at the Open Talent Center – through art or music, children and young people can learn to express their emotions, which they cannot describe in words. In this way, too, their values ​​and self-confidence are built. Internal anger, nervousness, anxiety, fear are common emotions of vulnerable people that can be expressed creatively. Art teaches to see diversity among people because they perceive the world differently – the same thing can be expressed in different ways.

Indoor and outdoor Enviro and Ecocenter in the Kotva Ulič Community Center – environmental problems and climate change affect all residents of the district without distinction and therefore it is important to involve children and young people in finding solutions to be aware of the importance and impact on the environment. environment. Indoor and outdoor activities combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience in an interactive way.