Extending the possibilities of activities and opportunities for vulnerable children and youth in Snina district

Within the network of multifunctional centers in four centers for children and youth in three municipalities of the Snina district, the Open Talent Center and the Open Sport Center in Snina, the Ternipen Community Center in Stakčín and the Kotva Community Center in Ulič, this project will expand and improve activities and opportunities for all vulnerable children and young people without restrictions and discrimination. The number of hours of football, art or cultural activities will increase by at least eight hours per week. At the same time, the number of children and young people with socially disadvantaged backgrounds (Roma and non-Roma) visiting individual centers will increase through search activities carried out by field and community workers of community centers and participating organizations through door-to-door, individual project presentations and information seminars.

The new jobs created by the education and personal development instructor, sports instructor and Roma mediator will contribute to the fulfillment of the set goals for improving social inclusion in Snina with a positive impact on health, education, employment and non-discrimination.

The Open Talent Center and the Leisure Center in Snina will enter into bilateral activities concerning multifunctional youth centers organized by the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the Council of Europe, primarily with the aim of exchanging experiences and best practices. The entities involved in the implementation of the activity are the City of Snina, the project partners of the Roma Center Ternipen and the municipality of Ulič, as well as the participating organizations.