Infrastructure for multifuncional centers network in Snina district

Spatial security is also important for the development of skills, talent and personal development of children and youth in the form of sports or leisure activities. The town of Snina, unlike the municipality of Stakčín and Ulič, does not have enough such space. Therefore, the project will provide suitable premises for the renovation of the Open Talent Center building and the construction of a new Open Sport Center building in Snina.

The town of Snina is the founder of the Leisure Center, which provides leisure activities and various courses for approximately 826 children under the age of 15 in the premises of the Open Talent Center in the former primary school, which have not been used for a long time. The roof of this building is in poor and unsatisfactory condition for education or leisure activities. Reconstruction of the roof will allow the use of these spaces for new leisure activities and courses, and will also reduce the operating costs of a trusted building owned by the city.

The construction of the new building of the Open Sport Center in Snina in the area of ​​the football field will create a new suitable space for children from the Roma community, who live in “Sídlisko 1” in the immediate vicinity of this area. Children from the local community often visit the football field, and at the same time partially participate in various activities and football trainings. There are several reasons to build the building of this center in the area of ​​the football field. If we built the building directly between the residential houses where the Roma community lives, only Roma children would visit the center. In order for social inclusion to be successful, they have chosen the area of ​​the football field, where children from all over the city meet, regardless of ethnic, religious or social affiliation. Sports and related activities are perfect platforms, not only for personal development, but also for creating relationships and friendships between children and young people from different backgrounds.

With the consent of the city council to invest in the construction of the new Open Sport Center building, the city of Snina was able to procure project documentation at its own expense, as well as the costs of procuring a contractor for construction works that are not included in the project budget. New access and parking spaces will also be created within the building, as according to the Slovak Building Act, each new building must have parking spaces. As the city of Snina does not have its own suitable facility for community activities for all ages, the Open Sport Center building will create a new space for activities and education within the community.

Through sports and outdoor games, the village of Ulič, through a workout playground within the Kotva community center, will support meaningful leisure activities and the creation of friendships between children and young people from different backgrounds.

The implementation of this project activity will increase the average time by 58 hours per week provided free of charge for all children and youth from vulnerable groups in the city of Snina. The entities involved in the implementation of the activity are the City of Snina, the project partners of the Roma Center Ternipen and the municipality of Ulič, as well as the participating organizations.