Do you know the Kotva Community Center in the village of Ulič? What services does it provide and what activities does it perform? What is community work and what is the role of a community worker?

In the comprehensive presentation “Creative work for inclusion” you will find not only information about the Kotva Community Center, but also knowledge about community work, as well as work with children and youth in the village of Ulič. Through community workers Mgr. Jana Wienerová and Mgr. Ing. From Anna Harkotová, you will learn examples of good practice in the field of social inclusion with the local community in the village of Ulič.

Kotva Community Center is a partner of the project “Snina – a city of equal opportunities for all”, which is co-financed from Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget. The presentation itself was part of the introductory conference to present the project.