During the Christmas holidays, the Department of Education and Youth of the City of Snina prepared a sports Christmas challenge “Christmas in motion” for kindergarten children, elementary school students and high school students. The aim of the challenge was to inspire children and young people to move, so that the Christmas holidays are not only about sweets, presents and sitting in front of the television.

As part of the challenge, it was possible to participate in four categories:

category – kindergartens – 10 squats,
category – 1st grade of elementary school – 20 jumping jacks (star jump),
category – 2nd grade of elementary school – 10 English students,
category – secondary school students – any 3 km route.

Participating children, pupils and students could send their best performances in the form of a video (for the 4th category, a photo from the application) to the specified email address of Tomaš Kepič, who is a sports instructor within the activities of the project “Snina – a city of equal opportunities for all”.

Children and pupils between the ages of 2 and 18 took part in the challenge. A total of 83 young athletes from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools participated. Many thanks also go to the parents who assisted their children in filming the videos. They sent a lot of great performances enriched with Christmas atmosphere, for which we owe you a big thank you.

The decision-making was very difficult and decisions were made in hundredths of seconds, so the technical execution of the exercises was also taken into account. The winner in each category received a season ticket for 10 hours of entry into the water world at the Snina Swimming Pool. Even 2nd and 3rd place were not left without a reward in the form of a gift package.

1. Category:

1st place / Matej Sentivan – Kindergarten Budovatelská

2nd place / Stelka Zuščáková – Kindergarten Kukučínova

3rd place/ Denis Vodal – Kindergarten Palárikova

2. Category:

1st place / Tatiana Mandzáková –Elementary school P. O. Hviezdoslava

2nd place / Daniela Poldruháková – Elementary school P. O. Hviezdoslava

3rd place / Soňa Čopiková – Elementary school Študentská

3. Category:

1st place / Gabriel Poldruhák – Snina Gymnasium

2nd place / Eduard Hamerlík – Elementary school Komenského

3rd place / Martin Hamerlík – Elementary school Komenského

4. Category:

1st place / Alexandra Hulajová – Church affiliated school

2nd place / Tomáš Špitalik – Secondary Industrial School

3rd place / Tomáš Maťoška – Church affiliated school

Congratulations to all the winners and we are very happy with all the performances that were sent. We believe that you liked the challenge and we look forward to other sports activities. Good luck to the sport!