Do you know what the first name of the Roma ethnic group was? What is the origin and meaning of the names Gypsy, Roma, Gypsy? What does the wheel in the Roma flag really symbolize? Or how important it is to know the history of the Roma for the improvement of relations in society?

Answers not only to those questions can be found in the presentation of Prof. PhDr. Reného Lužica, ArtD., who presented a short historical excursion into the issue of the origin and use of names of the Roma ethnic group in the context of different historical periods and inhabited territories. The presentation was given by the professor as part of the introductory conference “Snina – a city of equal opportunities for all”, which took place on November 24, 2021 in the historic premises of the manor house in Snina.

Listen to Professor Lužica’s presentation, which will surely enrich you with new knowledge and bring you closer to a small part of the history of the Roma.